VIA machts wie Neo: Mit Trinity in den Kampf…..

VIA Trinity Platform – Bringing Hi-Def to Small Spaces

The VIA Trinity platform is a triple-punch combination of a VIA processor, VIA MSP and S3 Graphics discrete GPU designed to deliver DirectX 10.1, Hi-Def video, Blu-ray and Windows Vista to the SFF desktop, notebook and embedded markets.

The VIA Trinity Platform

As both the physical size and power requirements of x86-based platforms continue to shrink and as the availability of low cost systems increase the number of computing devices in homes and offices, exciting new opportunities are springing up for OEMs, system integrators and consumer electronics (CE) vendors. The VIA Spearhead Initiative is dedicated to developing innovative, complete solutions that reduce development time and cost; the latest example of this is the VIA Trinity platform.

The VIA Trinity platform couples a power efficient VIA processor like the VIA Nano™ processor with one of VIA’s highly integrated Media System Processors such as the VIA VX800, and adds the power of an onboard S3 Graphics PCI Express discrete GPU to bring the latest in x86 technologies to even smaller spaces.

Offering maximum flexibility for customers to quickly and cost effectively develop compact, power efficient systems that don’t compromise on essential technologies or performance, the VIA Trinity platform provides all the performance and latest x86 technology support in three chips that other vendors require in four, yet uses less power, granting board vendors and system builders an immediate head-start in the SFF market.

SFF Desktops 
With space and power saving desktop PCs growing in popularity, many consumers are retiring their old, bulky systems and switching to these stylish new designs that blend seamlessly into living spaces.

While great for web browsing, productivity applications and light gaming, SFF systems have often suffered due to the graphical limitations of Integrated Graphics Processors. VIA Trinity solves this problem with a discrete graphics card offering DirectX 10.1 support for advanced 3D graphics, Blu-ray playback, and support for all popular HD video formats, improving the quality of video playback and gaming and freeing the CPU to tend to other tasks.

VIA Trinity Platform Block Diagram


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